Governance Portal

Protiviti's Governance Portal is an integrated platform that facilitates a common risk management approach, enabling a sustainable, repeatable and cost-effective governance & compliance (GRC) program. It helps businesses with: Managing enterprise and operational risks, Optimizing internal audit processes, Monitoring compliance risk, reducing the costs of financial controls management and improving information technology (IT) governance. Our expert consultants have worked with thousands of global clients. We have leveraged this experience to create the Governance Portal solution that integrates real-world experience and content with leading-edge technology.

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Compas gives you a comprehensive view of your business operations by fostering a collaborative operational audit environment. The Compas automated audit process allows you to identify issues as they are happening, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the action you take to resolve them. With the intuitive and easy-to-read reports, view fully customizable reports with the Compas web reporting function, allowing multiple levels of management to get a complete picture of your business operations.

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Solution Accelerator 

Solution Accelerator is a middle ware Application that enables the integration between two applications; for example: Governance portal with SharePoint applications. The following are the features of Solution Accelerator:

  • To develop customize solution to resolve various requirements of the business
  • To develop complex workflows in order to link different entities and or objects by using Solution Accelerator
  • To design an architecture that can provide a relational architecture unlike native SharePoint application
  • To provide security to business object applied at any layer based on the requirement,  help us enable entity level security in SharePoint based on Governance Portal
  • To act as an enabler for reporting tools like, SSRS or any third party
  • To provide an intuitive and user friendly presentation layer, and
  • To integrate data on SharePoint Solution seamlessly with another application like Governance Portal or vice versa

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