The Marketing Services team in India was established in 2011 as part of the Protiviti knowledge and Innovation Center to support the global Marketing team.  Over the years, this function has transformed to be an exceptionally strong team that handles key work areas   for  Protiviti’s Global Marketing & Communication program. It comprises of three major teams - Marketing & Communication Technologies Support, Creative Services and Website Content Management. 

Our marketing offerings are as follows:


data management group

Marketing Technology Support

  • One of the pioneer team for global marketing technology support, dedicated to overall data management and System Administration of Salesforce, our cloud based CRM platform
  • Supports in uploading new accounts, contacts and leads, updating campaign and campaign member status and creating reports and dashboards 
  • Expert professionals of MS Excel, Salesforce along with its associated tools manage the overall quality of data and make a robust system
  • Integrating data from various resources including webinar platform, website and others into Salesforce
creative design

Creative Design

  • In-house design team, working closely with the global Marketing team
  • Develop influential, dynamic, and creative communications that captivate our clients and candidates
  • Provide design services of Thought Leadership (Newsletters and White Papers) and Marketing Collaterals (Brochures and Advertisements)
  • Use sophisticated design tools such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat to create banners for social media, signature pickers, interactive PDFs
website support

Website Support

  • Manage  external web content, thereby integrating it with the ongoing global and regional marketing campaigns
  • Publish content on and our 25 websites comprising 15 English and 10 non-English language websites
  • Use Drupal's CMS technology to ensure consistent delivery of user-friendly and quality content and develop and upgrade Protiviti external websites
  • Website usage analysis using advanced Web Analytics tools such as Google Analytics, SEO, A/B Testing etc.
  • Develop and maintain seamless responsive design with cross-browser functionality using CSS and pre-processors including SASS and media query
  • Develop basic building blocks for website using expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript