The PCC team is young, vibrant and has the professionalism that transcends from Arthur Andersen ensuring a great work culture. The leadership invests significant time in training new hires using structured and on-the-job approach and finance professional certifications. At PKIC, Projects typically range from a few hours to a few days which allow the team members to get involved in a wide variety of work leading to enhanced learning. At RTS, we follow variety of software development life cycle like agile, rapid and waterfall.

The PCC team works across the organization’s 70 offices present globally, providing wide exposure across geographies, people and cultures. In addition, rather than restricting one to a particular industry or service line, we believe in rotating our people across multiple solution offerings, across industries thereby providing well rounded development. People are recognized for their merit and are given opportunities to grow professionally, gain varied exposure and become great people managers in future

Training and Development

  • Rookie Challenge – Two week long induction program for new hires, where all freshers go through a Project simulation environment and the prime focus is on building full proficiency in key areas.
  • Monthly In-House Trainings – The PKIC team holds regular trainings for its employees. These trainings cover a variety of topics such as Advanced Excel, Powerpoint and other Soft Skills trainings
  • External Trainings – PKIC team members are exposed to a large number of external trainings which cover a variety of topics right from Databases, Technical Tool trainings and Soft Skills to Industry Topics and other Behavioural Trainings
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions – Regular business updates by senior leadership along with knowledge sharing sessions followed up by lunch and interactions with top management for all PKIC team members

Rewards and Recognition

  • Pat on the Back – A monthly recognition program for individuals
  • iAchieve / WeAchieve – Recognition programs designed to acknowledge individuals / teams that go above and beyond in support of our people and clients
  • PKIC Star – Reward and recognize individuals who have continuously exceeded expectations and have displayed a high sense of Protiviti Values and have gone above and beyond their normal scope of work
  • Hall of Fame (special award) – Management team recognizes efforts of deserving individual employee(s)


A typical day spent in various teams


  • PKIC COE Lead checks daily pipeline and requests from different industries and solutions
  • COE Lead acknowledges task to requestor and allocates work within team members
  • Associates work on the request and COE lead then reviews it. 
  • Post review, result is delivered to the client
  • Meetings, Value Add discussions, Trainings, Updates, etc. are part of the daily routine


  • Technical Leads conduct daily huddle and communicate milestones as per scheduled Project plan
  • Leads acknowledge client requests and allocate the tasks based on priority
  • Leads discuss challenges and provide remediation plan 
  • Team members complete their allocated task and get it reviewed by their respective leads before delivering to client
  • Larger projects are scheduled based on Software Development Lifecycle practices
  • Meetings, Value Add discussions, Trainings, Updates, etc. are part of the daily routine

Fun Activities

  • Festival Celebrations
  • Indoor Sports Fest
  • Offsites
  • Social Events including Parties and Team Lunches
  • Team Events